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The chief product of Tera Analysis is QuickField™ - a PC-oriented interactive software package for engineering analysis and design. With QuickField's multi-disciplinary analysis capabilities, you can optimize electrical, thermal and mechanical features of your designs, all within one package! In addition, the results of different analyses can easily be linked together, making it ideal for simulating multi-field coupling effects. Detailed description of this software, on-line tutorials, examples and free Students' version are available at our QuickField Support site

You may get comprehensive information about QuickField purchase terms, get a price quote or place your order online at http://www.quickfield.com/order

In addition to packaged software, Tera Analysis also offers software maintenance and "Hot Line" support by telephone, fax and e-mail.


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DC Magnetics

AC Magnetics

Transient Magn.


DC Conduction

AC Conduction

Heat Transfer

Stress Analysis